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A letter of guidance from the Universe to the Earth Angel

To: The Earth Angel

From: The Universe.

A young girl receives a strange letter.
Is it real?
Or is it somebody`s stupid joke?

You are a child of the Earth

You don't remember us, but deep within your soul, you know us. We are the lords of the Universe, the sons and daughters of the All That Is, the caretakers of your world and countless others. You are our daughter, our sister, and our mother. You do not know this now, you cannot in your present form, but you will know us again, when your present journey is done. Now, you are a child of the Earth, an Earth Angel, taking a journey of discovery, to learn of light and Love, from the perspective of the Earth creature, the one called human.

Welcome to planet Earth.

Welcome to planet Earth. You've been here for a little while and from the happy faces and big smiles we have seen we know you are enjoying being here. Your presence on this planet is an extraordinary event, a rare miracle, and a blessing, to you, and to all who know you. But there is much you need to learn. You're almost a woman now. It's time for you to know who you are, and from where you have come. That is why we are writing this letter to you today. Study it well. It will explain many things, some of which you are already starting to feel.

A letter like this is rare. Mostly, when the Universe speaks, you don't hear words, or see pictures, or hear music. Instead you just get a feeling, and you have to create your own story around those feelings to give it context, so it can develop meaning. You will be doing a lot of that during your visit to Earth. You have the capacity to feel much, and you will.

Earth beings love with an exuberance unknown anywhere else.

Earth is a very different place from the other worlds you have known. Earth spirits are very different from the family you are from. You are a princess, from a royal family. You have been a king, and a queen. You have ruled nations, planets, and galaxies. You have been a beloved princess, loved, adored by all. You have been worshiped as a god. You have been a warrior, a being of terror, the most feared in the galaxies. You have been all these things. You are all these things. But you have not come to Earth to rule. You have come to Earth to rest from your royal duties, to relax, to live, to learn, to give Love and to receive it, and to have fun. You chose Earth because the creatures that exist here are the most passionate in the universe. Earth beings love with an exuberance unknown anywhere else. It is from them, by being among them, by being one of them, that Love will teach you the most. You will learn not only to give and receive Love, but to Be Love.

Earth is a treacherous place.

As pleasant as Earth can be you must always be on your guard. Earth is a treacherous place. There is much you do not understand. There are many pitfalls you must avoid. There are many dangers to the physical creature that you have become. Most important, though, is the spiritual dangers you will encounter while being human. The passion of a spirit being human can overwhelm you, intoxicate you, and if you are not careful, destroy you. You cannot die, of course, but this fragile body you inhabit can die, and your spirit self can be bruised and injured in the process. Listen carefully to the warnings in this letter and take them to heart. Your Earth life, and your sanity, may depend on it.

Avoid at all cost this dark and deadly path to destruction.

You are a being of infinite power. The fabric of the universe will rearrange itself to your every whim. With a single thought you can create a galaxy, or destroy one. Experiencing life through the filter of a human brain, however, you can do none of that. You do not remember that power. Deep within your soul, though, you can feel it. You will therefore experience frustration when reality does not rearrange itself to your desires. You will not understand the bad days. You have lived many lives where every moment was a moment of ecstasy. On earth you will have good days, and you will have bad days. Bad days will frustrate you because deep down you will feel it just doesn't have to be this way. Beware! These feeling will bring you to the brink of a powerful and destructive seduction. Earth contains many substances, pills, liquids, leaves and flowers that can create an artificial ecstasy. You cannot use these. Because of who you really are you are highly susceptible to this chemical seduction. Many of your friends will use these substances with little ill effect. They will have fun with them but still be able to stop when they need to. Your memory of your ecstatic lives will seduce you into believing the counterfeit is real. If you start down that path it will lead to your destruction. Just because your friends can handle it does not mean that you can. You are much more susceptible to this seduction than the Earth spirits are. Avoid at all cost this dark and deadly path to destruction.

To the extent that you exploit others, you rob yourself of life's Joy.

Humans will be drawn to your power. They will feel it even if you do not. Be careful. Many will come to you with an inexplicable desire to serve you. Many more will come with a well crafted desire to exploit you. Discernment is required. Resist those who would exploit you. They will be very seductive in their lies and manipulations. Exercise care with those who would serve you. Your desire to be served, even to be worshiped, is very seductive. Accept service when it is appropriate. To do so honors those who serve you. But be very careful to not exploit those who would serve you. To the extent that you exploit others, you rob yourself of life's Joy.

You may be smarter than most, but you will not always be right.

Humans are a collective. In this world you are not your own person. You must work with others to survive. Although you may feel like an individual, that is an illusion. You, as a human, are an indivisible element of the whole of humanity. When you chose to come to Earth you chose those who would guide you into adulthood, your family, your parents. There are many of them, a collective of loving spirits, that will feed you and teach you and guide you to maturity. They are part of you, and you are part of them. The most important of these is the one you call Mother. She will also be the most frustrating. Your knowledge is infinite, but your human brain limits the expression of that knowledge, and the passion of your youth will distort your perceptions. You may be smarter than most, but you will not always be right. You must follow the lead of your Mother as you grow into a woman. Sometimes she will be right. Sometimes she will be wrong. This will be a most frustrating time and she may seem to be the most ignorant of all beings. It is to your benefit, though, to follow her lead and let her lead you to the place in life where she believes you should go. If it turns out to not be right for you, you can change it later, when you have become an adult. If you fight against her, you will do so at the expense of your happiness. It is your parents job to parent you, not the other way around. You chose them. Now let them do their job for you.

With only a tiny effort you would destroy them

You are uncommonly beautiful, even if the mirror says you are not. Your physical form, whether it's shapely or lumpy, will shine with the beauty of the being of light that you are. On Earth beauty is power, it has its own economy, it is its own currency. Use this power wisely. Human females are competitive, especially with the most lovely of their possessions, which is their men. Men believe that they select their mate. It is usually the other way around. You will exude a beauty and a sexuality that will terrify other women, and they may hate you and abuse you because of that. You must be careful to to forgive them and always tend towards Love and light. Your beauty will give you much power over women, indirectly, by the power it projects over their men. With just a wink and a smile you can steal almost any man from almost any woman. This is a power you must NEVER use. For a woman, this power over other women is highly intoxicating, and it will lead you down a path to the dark side . The seduction of the dark side is intense, and once tasted, impossible to resist. Never ever disrespect another woman, especially regarding her man. If you go to the dark side, your expression of life will be one of evil, your life will have no true joy, and your trip here will have been wasted. It may sound unfair when other women are predatory towards you, that you cannot respond in kind. What is not fair, though, is that your power is too strong. They would have no chance competing with you. With only a tiny effort you would destroy them, even without meaning to.

Never use your beauty as a weapon.

Use your beauty wisely, for it is a valuable asset. There is nothing wrong with using your beauty to make a living. You could be a model, and actor, or a performer of songs or wit, and your beauty can bring you much success. Cherish your beauty and take care of it. Avoid body art, unnecessary augmentations, and piercing ornaments that damage the body. Most of all, enjoy being beautiful. Never use your beauty as a weapon.

No matter how hard you try not to, you will still make mistakes.

Your capacity for Love and light are infinite. Your capacity for darkness is likewise infinite. This duality will be a constant battle for you while being human. Although deep down you know all things, the human mind is limited in its awareness. No matter how hard you try not to, you will still make mistakes. Although all is forgiven in the spiritual realm, there are unfortunately consequences in the physical realm which are unerasable. As one human whose name was Paul says it: ... think overtime trying to anticipate and avoid unerasable mistakes .... These unerasable mistakes include:

The moment of stupidity that results in a criminal record,

The child that you were not ready to care for,

The disease that you go looking for,

The friend that you betray in your bedroom,

The drunk driving that kills your best friend,

The hateful thing said in anger that forever ruins a relationship,

The loving thing left unsaid,


These and many others litter the minefield of human experience. So take Pauls advise and work overtime avoiding these mistakes.

Don't waste your human experience obsessing over wealth

You will always feel your royal heritage, but it is not your purpose to be a royal human. Your purpose is to learn of Love and Joy, to have fun being human. It is important that you avoid the seduction of wealth. Wealth comes in many forms, such as the high status job, lots of money, the fancy car, the hot boyfriend all the other girls want, the big fancy house, and the adoration of others that come through fame. None of these are bad things. But the incessant desire for these things in the belief that they will bring you Joy is a mistake. Don't waste your human experience obsessing over wealth, for that will consume all your Joy. Worst of all is when you acquire all these things and find no Joy within them. Your Joy will always be found in your heart, in your Love, and with those who love you regardless of your possessions. Let wealth happen where it will. Just don't waste your life energy in its pursuit. Instead always prepare yourself to take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way. Educate yourself. Develop a broad array of skills. Allow wealth to manifest as a result of your knowledge and skills. Most important of all, find an occupation that you enjoy. You may find that the most Joyful occupation is to be the Mother of your own children. Whatever your occupation in life, do it well, give it your best, and you will find your Joy.

Leading is not ruling. Always remember that distinction.

Humanity is a transitional species, always changing, always growing, always competing. Whatever worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. While you are Human you are part of this transformation. You can be a guide, an example to Humans in their transformation. Remember these guidelines:

Be careful to not guide Humanity in a direction they are not ready to go, but when necessary, do not fear to be the authority. This world is yours to discover and enjoy, and it is your right, as well as all others, to participate in the process of transformation. When necessary take your place at the table and be the leader that is needed. Leading is not ruling. Always remember that distinction. Be your own person. Do not let others define who you are. Others will try to take your power. Do not allow them. When necessary prove that you are a force to be reckoned with. Shine a light on who you are and make no excuses for it..

Your rights, your freedom, and your honor, have no gender.

Do not apologize for being a woman. Be the doctor when they expect you to be the nurse. Serve a man, if that is appropriate, be never be subservient. Your rights, your freedom, and your honor, have no gender.

Take pride in you possessions, your home, your career, your things of value. But do not be defined by them.

Even though you are not of this world, neither is anyone else. This world is yours as much as it is theirs. Leave it more beautiful than you found it.

Understand the price of conflict.

There is no way to avoid conflict. Align yourself with those who will fight at your side. You will need them. Never exploit. Never abuse. But never willingly give up what is rightfully yours. There are some fights worth fighting. Choose your fights carefully and for the right reason. Understand the price of conflict. Understand as well that some things are priceless.

The purpose of life is to travel the path of life

Remember where you came from. Your history defines you. What you do now will define your future. Travel with gusto and confidence as you navigate the path of life. Cherish the relationships you will create along the way. The purpose of life is to travel the path of life. There is no destination beyond this. It is true that the journey is the destination. Being who you are never ends. You are a work in constant progress.

This is enough guidance for now. We will be in contact throughout your life. When in doubt, feel for us, and we will be there for you.

Goodbye, for now.

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