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A Short Story : ASHERINA



A young couple trying to adopt
a child get more than they
bargained for and more
than they ever could have hoped for.

This is the third visit to the agency for Raul and Selina. Their decision to adopt an older child still feels right, but the visitations with the agency, all the pictures, all the needy faces, have left them a bit overwhelmed. It still seems like the right thing to do, but there is a gnawing sense of doom when they consider the problems they could be inheriting from these neglected and discarded children. Would an infant be any better? Maybe. The infant would not have suffered the trauma of abandonment or abuse like so many of these orphans, but it is still true that the fruit falls not far from the tree. Without intimate knowledge of the birth parents the child may still be full of many, possibly terrifying, surprises. In light of the risks Selina is committed, and Raul is supportive, and the next appointment will be when they choose, and accept the responsibilities of raising a child that very well may be a special needs child.

"Raul, you know .." Selina speaks, looking at Raul to make sure he is listening, "I still have this sense of a calling. One of these kids is calling me, calling out to us. I just know it."

"I sense it too." Raul replied. "But you have said that so often that it could be I'm just programmed to feel it. I think this will be good for us, for you and me. So I'm totally supportive. But I also know that once we take this plunge, it isn't going to be about us any more. Our lives will be sucked into an orbit around another creature, one that will have more influence on who and what we become than any other influence we have ever known. I look forward to our next visit, when we will have an extra passenger on the way home. This will change us for the better." Selina smiles affectionately at Raul as he fumbles to get the keys into the ignition, always the cautious one, checking the doors, the windows, the mirrors. Raul suddenly turns pale, and tenses up, jerking his door open and screaming at Selina. "Get out of the car, quick, we're not alone." Selina flings open her door, a taxi screeches as it barely misses her, as she dashes out of the car.

"Holy F****** S***, Raul!. What's going on? I almost got killed."

"We threw our overcoats in the back seat before going into the agency. As I was checking the mirror, one of them moved!" Raul explained, still pale, and shaking. "Someone is in the back seat, hiding under our overcoats. I'm calling the police - except my cell is still in the car."

"I'll check it out." Selina said, always the brave one.

"Stay away from the car, Selina!" Raul shouted, but too late. Selina was already peering into the back window.

"Raul, come here!" Selina commanded. "I see the problem. Look at this. We have a little stow-away."

Raul approached the vehicle and from under the edge of an overcoat, barely visible, was a tiny little hand. Selina was already cautiously opening the door to the back seat, and uncovering a lovely little girl, apparently five or six years old.

"Wow!" Raul exclaimed. "How did she get in there. I was sure I locked the car. Let's get her back into the building. I'm sure they are looking for her by now."

"No. They were locking the doors for the night as we left. We'll take her home and call the authorities from there. She's barely got any clothes on and she's cold." Selina said.

"I'm not so sure about that. It might be kidnapping." Raul cautioned.

"If anyone was kidnapped, it was us." Selina joked. "Get in the car and drive. I'll get in the back and take care of our little surprise."

"What is your name, Honey?" Selina asked. There was no response, except for a smile and the penetrating stare of two huge sky blue eyes. Selina pulled her close to keep her warm and the little one snuggled up as if she had known Selina since birth. Raul unlocked the apartment door, checking inside, as usual, before allowing the girls to enter. Selina carried the child, covered with an overcoat to keep her warm, her head laying comfortably on Selina's shoulder. Raul sensed that if there was any way possible, that this little stow-away was from the orphanage, that an important decision has already been made. This little child had bonded with Selina in about the time it took for the light to travel from her eyes to Selina's. Raul also sensed that things were not as they appeared, that there were some extenuating circumstances that would make this adoption unwise, or impossible. But Selina had come home with a child, and he could see the heart strings already beginning to intertwine. "I hope this works out .. " Raul thought to himself.

"Raul. Put your stuff away and then get on the phone with the police and let them know what is going on. I imagine that they may let her stay here with us tonight, given the situation and all. It looks like she has been in these clothes for a week. I'm going to get her cleaned up and get some fresh clothes on her. It's a good thing I have nieces. I have a bunch of stuff that should fit her." Raul dumped his stuff in his office and started searching the Internet for the number for child services. He didn't think it was enough of an emergency to call 911. Finding the number he prepared to call when suddenly he heard Selina scream from the bathroom.

"Hang up the phone Raul! Oh My God, Raul! Come here quick!" Selina shouted. Raul ran down the hall where Selina was standing by the bathroom door. She is holding a blond wig. "She was wearing a wig, Raul. A Wig!" Selina stammered, obviously upset, pale, and shaking.

"OK. So? She's bald. That's not a big deal. Why are you so upset? Maybe she's in chemotherapy. Maybe she's a cancer child?" Raul said giving Selina a hug to calm her down.

"No. No. That's not it." Selina said with a look of fear, and concern. "Look at her head, Raul. Look at her skinny little neck. Look at her huge blue eyes. Look at her long thin fingers. Raul! Look! Tell me that this is a human child."

Raul gave her a look and said "Of course she's human. She's certainly not a puppy. So she's a little different. Maybe it has something to do with the cancer. The main thing I'm noticing right now is that she's absolutely gorgeous, even if she is a little different. Calm down, Selina, get her dressed, and I'll make the call. We will get to the bottom of this."

"No! No call. Not to the Police anyway. Call Greg and Susan. I think they need to meet her." Selina insisted, as she continued to prepare a bath and get some fresh clothes ready. Even with the high anxiety exhibited by Selina the child was calm and at ease, smiling while allowing Selina to care for her.

"Greg? Susan? Are you crazy? They already believe they have been on a flying saucer and that they talk to aliens. They are good friends, Selina, but they are both nuts. And this little girl is just going to send them off into la-la land." Raul cautioned.

"I think Asherina needs to see them." Selina said.

"Asherina? She told you her name? That's pretty." Raul said.

"No. She didn't tell me her name. Her mouth never moved, except to smile. She showed me a picture of her name inside my head. Raul, she's a telepath. She showed me telepathically that her name is Asherina, and that we can stop looking for a child, for she has chosen us." Selina explained, with tears streaming down her face.

Raul stopped in his tracks and turned around to face Selina.

"OK. This is getting weird Selina. I see that you have already bonded with this child. I suspect that you believe that this is the child who you felt was calling us. But we have no idea what we are getting into here, and I feel we are already in over our heads. Get her dressed. Get her fed. I'll call Greg and see if they can come over. But try to keep your mind on this planet, Sweetie. I'm sure this all has an earthbound explanation."

The girls were in the kitchen eating some fruit when Raul returned from his office after making a phone call. "This is weird, Raul." Selina said, now more excited than afraid. "I didn't have a clue what to feed her, but she seemed to just know were everything was in the kitchen. She went straight to the utensils drawer, got a knife, got two plates from the cupboard, opened the fridge and got some fruit and bottled water, and proceeded to slice up a fruit plate, for both of us. She acts a lot older than she looks. Isn't that strange?"

"Yes. It is strange. And I just had a couple of strange phone calls. I called Greg and Susan. Those are always strange calls. But then I also called the Police." Raul Said.

"You did what?!? The Police? The Police won't know what to do with her. The government will probably take her and do strange horrible experiments on her." Selina said with a look of great concern.

"It's not what you think." Raul explained. "I called them, but I made up a story. I hope I don't get in trouble for that. I told them that when we left the orphanage we saw what appeared to be a small child running into the shadows. The Police contacted the orphanage. They called me back and said that the orphanage reported all their kids were accounted for. Asherina did not come from the orphanage. I don't know where she came from. I mean, I don't know where on Earth she came from."

"This is difficult enough without you making fun of me. Who knows what other powers Asherina may have? Maybe you should be nice to us." Selina said with a smile.

"I knew it. I just knew it. I knew if we got a girl that you guys would gang up on me." Raul complained.

Both girls smiled.

---- VISITORS ----

"Really, Raul? You've always poo-pooed our stories about extra terrestrials. Why all the sudden interest?" Greg asked.

"Well, Greg." Raul replied. "I'm not sure I've been fair to your story, to dismiss it out of hand like I have. The world is full of strange events that cannot be explained, so I've developed an interest. Tell me about your friends, from space. I want to know more. What do they look like? Where do they come from? Are they still here, on Earth, right now?" "Have you had a sighting, Raul?" Susan wanted to know. "I appreciate your sudden interest in our experience, but it begs the question - what have you experienced? Were you abducted? Have you seen an ET?"

"Well, OK. Yes. I've seen something I cannot explain. Selina and I both have seen something, experienced something. I'll tell you about it later, but first I need to get some perspective, from someone with experience, like you guys, to help me put it into perspective." Raul explained.

"So what did you see?" Greg asked.

"You first, Greg. I need some time to put it all together in my head. Tell me about your experience. Lets start there." Raul insisted.

"Well then, let's start at the beginning." Susan said.

"As we explained before, when you chose not to listen, Greg and I both have had sightings, near our house, on the road, when vacationing. It was like we were being watched, or followed. For some reason these entities had an interest in where we were and what we were doing. But since nobody else saw what we saw we began to wonder if we were just making it up. So we decided to meditate, and maybe send a message to these visitors, and maybe find out what their interest in us actually was, and whether it was dangerous."

"For years nothing happened," Greg continued "But we would still catch an occasional glimpse of what appeared to be a UFO. Then I started having dreams with various ET type characters. Their form would be different from dream to dream, but they all had a similar message. In my dreams I could see myself on their craft, looking down on the Earth from high in the atmosphere. Susan began to have similar dreams but with the same message. The ET's had come with a message of transformation, a message telling us that we must transform our character, expand and elevate our consciousness, before we destroy our planet in our ignorance."

"There are hundreds of books and websites now with the same message." Susan explained. "We were going to write books and stuff but there are already so many out there with the same message that we didn't see the point. So we still meditate, and learn as much as we can about transformation, and preach to anyone who will listen about how important it is for us to change, as a species, or die. That is the only choice - change - or die."

"So? You haven't actually seen and ET, in the flesh, up close and personal? You haven't actually touched one, held their hand, given them a hug?" Selina asked.

"No." Susan explained. "It's just been in our mind space. I see. You think we are just imagining it. That it isn't actually real, not happening at all. Those are questions we have asked ourselves. For us though, even though it's in our mind, telepathy or whatever, it is quite real to us, and I believe their message is quite real and critically important to the human species."

"I'm not questioning the reality of your experience, mental or otherwise." Selina said. "I'm just interested if these creatures actually have a physical presence here, one you can touch and feel. I need to know that. I seriously need to know that."

"Selina? What are you not telling me?" Susan asked. "I see the concern in your face, and the tears in your eyes. Have you had contact with an ET? Did they do something to you? Were you hurt?"

"We're not sure." Raul replied. "That is why we are looking for answers. We were not abducted and experimented on like you hear about in the movies. Selina thinks, though, that possibly we were adopted."

"Adopted?" Greg and Susan asked in unison.

"Let me explain." Selina said. "We were just leaving the agency, you know, another interview prior to our adopting a child. That is when we noticed that we had a stow away in our back seat. At first we were afraid thinking we were about to get car jacked. Then we noticed it was a child, a little girl. So we brought her home and we were going to call the authorities because she was obviously a run-away, or an abandoned child. That is when we noticed the differences. She had beautiful blond hair, but it was a wig. Her head is a little too large for a child her age, her eyes are larger than normal and a color of blue I've never seen before. Her ears and mouth are smaller than normal, her neck is like really skinny when you think about the big head it is supporting, and her fingers and toes are longer and thinner than you would imagine. She is strong though, very strong for her slight little frame. So now we are thinking she has some physical abnormality, a disease, cancer maybe. Oh and she doesn't talk. But when I asked her what her name was she showed me that it is Asherina, and that she has chosen us. She said that without speaking. She put those thoughts right into my brain without moving her lips. That is when I decided that she must not be from this place, this planet, or this dimension. I think she is an ET."

"Are you kidding me?" Susan asked. "So where is this child? I have to meet her?"

"Follow me and I will introduce her." Selina said while directing her guests down the hall to Asherina's room. "She is in her room - and I mean 'her' room. I was getting it all ready for our new child and I had it all decorated, but not gender specific since I didn't know if we were getting a girl or a boy. When I showed her the room the first thing she did is rearrange it they way she wanted it. She tried on all the clothes I have here for my nieces and put the ones she liked in the closet and folded the ones she didn't like and put them in a bag for me to remove. It's definitely a girls room now. She just moved right in like she belongs here."


"Oh my goodness! What an absolutely adorable little girl. Hello Asherina. My name is Susan. I'm so very happy to meet you." Susan said introducing herself. "This is my husband Greg. He is happy to meet you too." Asherina stood quietly, studying her new visitors, then suddenly flashed a smile and ran up and gave Susan a big warm hug. "

I guess that is her way of saying she's happy to meet you too." Raul said.

"You know, dressed up in a wig and normal clothes it's hard to see the differences in her appearances. Her eyes are huge for such a little girl, but not so much that it looks weird. She's actually quite lovely. With some sun glasses you would never know." Greg said.

"So do you think we just let our imaginations run away with ourselves, and she is just a little human girl with big eyes?" Raul asked. "Either way, we need to decide what to do with her. If she is a run away or an abandoned child then we certainly have to deal with the authorities and if possible get the courts to let us keep her. If she is not from this planet then we have even more questions. What about medical care, what does she eat, what vaccinations does she get, where do we send her to school? We don't even know where to start."

"Oh I hope you can keep her. I've totally fallen in love with her, ET or not." Susan said beaming a smile at Asherina. "But you do have a lot of questions to get answered, and I don't know exactly where to start either - Oh how about Raphael? He might know about this stuff."

"Yes. I just had the same thought." Greg said.

"So did I." Selina said. "And I don't even know a Raphael. Asherina? Did you put that thought in our heads little lady?" Asherina just smiled.

"Who is that Raphael person?." Raul asked. "Raphael is a medium, of sorts. He claims, like us, to have had contact with ET's through meditation and seance. But he also claims to have had physical contact as well. He is part of the local UFO research committee. I'll contact him tomorrow and see if we can set up a meeting." Greg said.

"In the mean time you guys have a good night. I get nothing but good vibes from this child so even if she is ET I don't think you are in any danger. I wouldn't contact the authorities just yet. Let's see what we can find out before we do that."

Selina helped get Asherina dressed for bed and then tucked her in. She left the light on but showed her how to turn it off. Her nieces insisted that the light be left on because they would get scared in the dark. It didn't really matter. Not long after getting into bed Raul and Selina noticed a little stow away snuggled up between them. Selina thought to herself that this is just part of being a parent, so she might as well get used to it.

--- THE FIRST DAY ----

"Oatmeal, bananas, and peaches. This is what we're having for breakfast. By the time I got up Asherina already had it made." Selina explained as Raul stumbled into the kitchen.

"Wow. This is so .. so .. domestic. Somehow it seems so normal .. like it's the way it's supposed to be. Do you think our little empathic friend is placing that thought in our heads, or am I actually feeling it." Raul mused.

"I think, my dear husband, that you have fallen in love with another woman." Selina said with a grin. "As for me, I'm keeping my feelings in check until we find out if we can keep her. I don't want to bond so tightly that if she leaves it will rip my guts out. Anyway, after breakfast, Asherina and I are going shopping for a few things."

"OK, but don't be gone too long. Greg called and said that he spoke with Raphael last night and he is coming over by 11. He said it's important that we meet with Raphael as soon as possible."

"That sounds a little ominous. I hope we don't get any bad news. But we should be back in plenty of time. We're just going to pick up a few basics."

Selina watched in amazement as Asherina worked her way through the department store. Always cautious, never making eye contact, carefully concealing any details, Asherina was an exercise in stealth. Slipping silently between the racks and tables she was virtually invisible. Even those who saw her would soon forget as there were no clues or details to hang a memory on. Selina is convinced that Asherina has been operating in stealth mode probably for her whole life. What mysteries does this little one have hidden in that pretty head of hers? Selina ponders all these things as they head for home, and a meeting that hopefully will reveal the answers to the many questions forming in Selina's mind. Back at the apartment Asherina carefully put away her new things and arranged her bathroom supplies nice and neat. Selina remembers herself at that age always being yelled at for leaving things a mess.

A doorbell chime announces the arrival of Greg and Raphael. It's time for their meeting, and maybe some answers. Asherina sits quietly on her bed, looking for the first time, a little nervous.

"Hey Greg, come in and have a seat." Raul says as he answers the door.

"Hey Raul. I've brought Raphael with me and he has brought a friend as well, a Mr Roberts, as he calls himself." Greg announces as he guides the guests to the living room. Raul studies the two guests. Raphael is a rather casual looking gentleman who looks to be in his 50's. Mr Roberts, somewhat over dressed in a suit, hat, and sunglasses, is a bit harder to analyze. He could be 30, or maybe 60. It's hard to tell. Selina joins them and serves some snacks and drinks for the meeting.

"First let me introduce myself. I'm Raphael. I was very excited when Greg called me last night. This is a very rare encounter - very rare. It's an honor to be part of this. I wish I could record it on film, but as we get into it, you will see why that would not be appropriate. My friend Mr Roberts will explain the situation in more detail."

"It's good to meet you, Raphael, Mr Roberts." Selina begins the meeting. "I hope you have brought some answers. As you know, Greg and I have been planning to adopt a child, and for reasons we do not fully understand, Asherina stowed away in our car and has moved into our home, apparently wanting to be that child. I don't even know where to begin with my questions. This whole episode has left my mind totally boggled."

"Let me help you understand." Mr Roberts began, removing his sunglasses to reveal large sky blue eyes. "

Oh My God!" Selina exclaims, her hand held over her mouth. "You're like Asherina! Are you a relative? Are you her father?"

"The answer to that question is both yes, and no, and sort of." Mr Roberts explains. Yelling across the apartment he shouts " Asherina! Get your skinny little butt in here girl! This meeting is about you, so get in here and participate." Asherina shuffles quietly into the living room and sits cross legged on the carpet, her eyes pointed down. "How are you doing, Asherina?" Mr Roberts asks. Asherina looks at Mr Roberts as if to answer. "That's rude, Asherina. You know how to talk. When you are around these kind people please speak out loud so we can all hear what you have to say."

"But ... but ... words feel so funny in my mouth." Asherina responded in a tiny shy voice. "

"Yes. I know. You will get used to it. You have chosen these humans, so you will have to use their language as well." Mr Roberts instructed.

"Yes sir. I will." Asherina responded.

"Chose us humans?" Raul asked. "So you're saying that you are not human? You are saying that you are extra terrestrial? What do you mean by chosen?"

Mr Roberts smiled and with a chuckle explains. "Asherina and I are of the same species, and that species is not the same as yours. We are nevertheless quite similar. Both our species are a mixture of terrestrial and non-terrestrial origin. We have been coexisting with you on this planet for many millenia, always careful to stay in the shadows so not to cause fear, or to attract the violence that your species is so famous for. This arrangement has worked well, for the most part, until recently. You have already noticed it with your own children, that the new ones, well, they are different. You call them Indigo's, and Crystal children, and a few other designations. Our children have suffered the same sort of transformation as well. They are different, more unsettled, more inquisitive, more impulsive, and less cautious than their parents. The result is that the difference between our species is fading, especially in the area of consciousness. That is why Asherina was drawn to you, and has bonded with you, through an adoption."

"Adoption? I know what we 'humans' call adoption. Adults choose a child to bring home and raise as their own. Asherina has chosen us? That is backwards from how we usually do it." Selina explained.

Mr Roberts continued. "In our culture children are not raised exclusively by their birth parents and immediate family. Children are raised by any and all adults, and a child may live in many households during their growing up years. After a number of years in a household a child will feel drawn to other adults and will leave their present household and bond with new parents. This may happen a dozen times or more before the child becomes an adult. Asherina is a precocious child and against our advice has chosen humans for her new parents. We were counseling her on the difficulties of such a bonding when she ran away and stowed away in your car. In our society an adult does not have the option to refuse the bonding of a child. It is a sacred trust and a high honor. In your case, however, you may choose. My purpose here today is to assist you, and Asherina, in making that choice."

"So the choice is mine? Well then, it's settled. Asherina will stay." Selina said with a smile.

"Honey. Uh. With all due respect, Sweetie, my head is spinning with all this information, and I'm not sure I can even believe all of it." Raul said. "There are a million questions that need to be answered before we can even consider this arrangement. I'm not sure, even if we want to do this, if it's even possible. For example, where is she going to go to school? What about medical care? What about the questions we're going to get regarding our new child? Is this even legal? What about the authorities? Is she going to be taken from us by Homeland Security and held in a prison camp somewhere? It just goes on and on. I don't know where to even begin."

"Are there others?" Raphael asked. "Are there other bondings between your children and human parents?" "

There have been other such bondings." Mr Roberts explained. "This is the first one in over 500 years. Some of them were beautiful. Some of them were tragic. That is why we are approaching this with much caution. In the past such bondings were in small communities with highly evolved humans who were much like us. The world today is very different. In this time with the density of the human population and the many forms of rapid communication there is much risk, especially of uncontrolled, and unpredictable, disclosure."

"Then we will be careful." Selina said. "Raising a child is always filled with risk, especially in an adoption. The possibility that the relationship will become tragic is something we were already prepared for when we chose to adopt an older child. Asherina is a wonderful child. I can't imagine a child I am more ready to take a risk with than Asherina. Isn't that right? My daughter."

"Yes mother." Asherina said with a big grin.

"Mr Roberts?" Raul asked. "Do you find it true in your species, that the females gang up on you so that you seldom get to make a choice that is not already made for you?"

"There are certain laws of nature that are universal, in your species and mine." Mr Roberts responded with a laugh.

"This is so totally fascinating." Greg said. "Mr Roberts. Are there other ET species on our planet. Or are you the only one? What about the Grey's with the enormous heads are really huge black eyes?"

"There are many." Mr Roberts explained. "Most, however, are visitors. There are a few that are similar enough to you in appearance that we can blend in, for the most part, and share your planet. You have passed many of what you call extra terrestrials on the street, in your shopping areas, and in your work places, and you never knew. Be careful with the term extra terrestrial. Most of the species that you encounter are both terrestrial and extra terrestrial. There are many that have grey, or chalky white skin. But these are not the Grey's you are referring to. Those Grey's are human."

"Human?" Greg asked with a shocked look. "How can they be human?" "

It's simple. Tragically simple." Mr Roberts explained. "They are what you get when you extract an embryo from its mother when it is only a few weeks old, and then grow it at an accelerated rate in a growth chamber. What you get is a very large embryo, one with limited consciousness, large deformed eyes, and a totally suggestible. mind It's the perfect drone. Basically an organic robot. You humans learned how to make those. Maybe you had help from some ET's, I'm not sure. But you make those yourself in secret facilities. This is something that you should stop doing. These are your children, and you are using them to create a monstrosity."

"Wow. I didn't know." Greg said, staring at the floor.

"Mr Roberts?" Selina asked. "Aren't we getting a little off subject? This meeting is not about little grey robots. Speaking of school. How should we prepare for Asherina's education? Is she ready to start first grade? She appears to be about that age."

"Our species matures both physically and emotionally at a different rate than human children." Mr Roberts explained. "Although she appears to be about 6 years old, she is in fact 20 years old. It takes about 40 Earth years for one of our children to mature. Asherina's emotional maturity would be equivalent to a human child of about 10 to 12 years old. A typical bonding lasts two to six years. If your bonding with Asherina lasts for six years she will be well into puberty. That is a difficult time for our daughters, as it is for your human daughters. The physical and emotional transformations can become so intense that it is difficult to maintain an integrated consciousness. Their psyche becomes easily fragmented. Are you prepared for that possibility?"

"If she is like a human girl, it's not difficult to maintain an integrated consciousness. It's totally and completely impossible to maintain and integrated consciousness." Selina said with a laugh. "And yes. I would consider it an honor to work through those difficult years with Asherina. The only problem will be finding her a suitable boyfriend when the time comes."

"That will not be a problem, mother." Asherina responded. "I will find and date a human boy."

"What?" They all said in unison.

"Let me explain." Mr Roberts continued. "Our adolescents in recent years have created many new and radical ideas that we adults do not consider to be wise. One of those is the radical idea that the young adults of your species, and the young adults of our species, should interbreed, creating a new species of hybrids. We are genetically similar enough for that to work. Genetics, however, is not the problem. We do not feel that either of our species is prepared for the unintended consequences of such a union of our two species. Our council of elders has yet to decide if such unions will be permitted."

"And I have not decided if I will let the council make that decision for me." Asherina responded.

"Whoa, slow down little girl. Listen to your new mother, Asherina. I can feel you pushing your thoughts into my thoughts, attempting to create an ally for your cause. That is going to stop right now! You will respect my space, my thoughts, and not try to impose your thoughts on mine. That I will not put up with. Is that understood?"

"Yes, ma'am. I will not do that again. I'm sorry." Asherina replied. "

Wow. I've never seen you in mommy mode before. You suddenly transformed into my mother in law." Raul Joked.

"You'd better get used to it, Raul. "Selina continued, with a chuckle. "Asherina. It will be many years before you need to worry about making babies, hybrids or otherwise. When that time comes I will help you with that decision, and you will respect my input. Until that time, this subject will be closed. We have many more important things to discuss than the politics of mixed marriages. Lets move the conversation back to school. Do you want to be home schooled? Or would you rather attend classes with other students?"

"I want to go to school with other students. I want to integrate." Asherina replied.

"That really complicates things." Raul interjected. "Shot records? Birth certificates? Medical records? Her appearance is of a first grader. If her grade level is commensurate with her maturity then she should be in fifth or sixth grade. That will create a lot of questions that we will not be able to answer."

"The documentation can be arranged." Raphael answered. "And there are private schools that ask fewer questions than public schools, especially the parochial schools that do not use public funding. I think it can be worked out where she can be accepted at an institution where there would not be too many questions."

"Good. We will find you a school were you can integrate. But not right now." Selina stood and addressed the group. "I appreciate you coming over for this meeting, and we need to have many more as we work through all the details of this wonderful opportunity that Asherina has brought into our lives. But for the next few weeks, I'm going to spend my time getting to know my new daughter and getting her settled into her new household. There will be plenty of time to work through the details as time goes by. Those few of us that know of this arrangement is all that need to know. Please respect our privacy in that regard. Since it is clear that Asherina is going to be here with us for quite some time, then we have some more shopping to do. Are you ready to hit the shopping mall?"

"Yes, mother. I'm ready." Asherina replied with the biggest grin ever.

The End (for now).

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