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The Brave New World Of Big Data

Marketing By Demographic

Marketing a product, or a politician, for decades has used the same method. Messages are created for each (so called) demographic group. Messages are created that should be favored by women, by men, by minorities, by elites, by the poor, by the rich, by rural farmers, and by city folk. Each group gets a message tailored just for them.

It Doesn`t Work That Way Anymore

missing pic TrumpKnows

That isn't how it works anymore. All women don't think alike. Sometimes the rich and the poor agree. All elites are not liberal. The individual is unique, not branded by the larger group they are part of.

Welcome To The Brave New World Of Big Data

With the help of `Big Data` collected from Facebook, Google, and others, fine grained and highly specific advertising can be targeted to smaller groups; one city, one neighborhood, one apartment building, or one individual.

Big Data Wins Elections

A number of recent campaigns have tried this new method. The Brexit movement tried it, and won. Donald Trump tried it, and won. While the Clinton campaign was happily targeting large demographic groups, the Big Data troopers with sophisticated smart phone apps were targeting tiny communities, maybe just one house, where they knew in advance the right words to say given the political leanings of that location. The results speak for themselves.

Click the image for an article (from Germany) that develops this idea, with it's history, in great detail.

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