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A collection of musings, some stories, investigations, and an occasional rant.
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This is the blog where I put my musings, some stories, investigations, and an occasional rant.
He is a warrior, one of the warrior class.

He is large, strong, and skilled in the art of defending the colony. I would tell you his name, but here on this ant like planet, they don't have names. The planet doesn't have a name either, so I can't tell you where they are. Time here isn't enumerated, other than generalities such as cleaning time, gathering time, procession season, and stuff like that. So I can't tell you when this is either. Lets just say it is a long time ago in a place far away, and there is a planet, where ant like creatures rule. It is a planet they have neglected to give a name.
Ice core data. What does it really say?

With all the talk about global warming I wanted to take a look at the raw data. You can actually download it from the Internet these days. The data I am looking at is from ice core samples drilled out of glaciers. This is called proxy data because there are not actual thermometers buried in the ice, but there is stuff in there that scientists can use to estimate how hot or cold a certain year may have been.
This is the third visit to the agency for Raul and Selina. Their decision to adopt an older child still feels right, but the visitations with the agency, all the pictures, all the needy faces, have left them a bit overwhelmed.
You don't remember us, but deep within your soul, you know us.

We are the lords of the Universe, the sons and daughters of the All That Is, the caretakers of your world and countless others. You are our daughter, our sister, and our mother. You do not know this now, you cannot in your present form, but you will know us again, when your present journey is done. Now, you are a child of the Earth, an Earth Angel, taking a journey of discovery, to learn of light and Love, from the perspective of the Earth creature, the one called human.
Sex sells. Fear sells even better.

It's been called fear porn, and just like sex porn it's designed to capture your attention by triggering your most primitive desires. Porn triggers your sexual desire. Fear triggers your desire to avoid pain, embarrassment, injury, and death. In both cases they are extraordinarily good motivators, including the motivation to buy stuff. It is said quite often that sex sells, and that is true. Fear sells even

Marketing a product, or a politician, for decades has used the same method. Messages are created for each (so called) demographic group. Messages are created that should be favored by women, by men, by minorities, by elites, by the poor, by the rich, by rural farmers, and by city folk. Each group gets a message tailored just for them.

But that isn't how it works anymore.

So why would an old fat white guy in the USA love Korean drama?
I don`t know, but it`s a pleasant, even magical, addiction that I`ve grown to love.
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